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Zenith REM

Zenith Remote Employee Management software enables effective management of remote employees, offering features like real time face and screen monitoring, activity recording, and communication tools.

Manages all remote employees just like they are right next to you in the office

Real time face and screen monitoring

Recording activities to monitor an employee at a later time.

Tools for messaging either one employee or all employees under a manager's supervision.

Grow your business with custom software

Our custom software development process

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Our solution discovery experts analyze your requirements and estimate the scope of work and timelines. We set up a supervised and cross-functional team involving designers to conduct profound market and user research to align your solution with customers’ real needs.

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Our engineers handle every stage of development within the scope required, from architecture development to UI/UX design, transforming your product vision into a custom solution. All stages of custom software development involve thorough testing and quality control.

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After the final release, we take care of the productivity and performance of custom software development solutions. We establish continuous server monitoring, provide general support services, and allocate experts to fix bugs.

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When you need to frequently enhance your solution, we can scale down your existing software development team to a support unit to meet your needs in a timely manner. We focus on delivering updates and responding to user and market feedback.