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Zenith CRM

Say goodbye to manual work with Zenith CRM! Our AI-powered, cloud-based platform offers seamless communication through phone, SMS, voice mail, and email. Customizable to fit your unique business needs, our system automates tasks, maintains client engagement, and supports your strategic growth.

Transform your enterprise with our AI-powered CRM

Tailor-made to elevate your sales, customer service, marketing, and overall office efficiency.
The system works for you even when you stop.

Easy To Use, Fully Automated Interface

Simple Client Management

Effortlessly manage client info in one place. Streamline onboarding, tracking, and engagement for better relationships and personalized experiences.

Intelligent Routing & Preview Dialing

Smart routing directs calls to the right team member, boosting efficiency, improving client interactions, and reducing wait times for better resolution rates.

Integrated Phone, SMS, and Voicemail

Streamline communication with our integrated system. Handle calls, SMS, and voicemails in one interface to ensure no client inquiry is overlooked, improving communication and workflow organization.

Smart Auto Call, Auto Voicemail, Auto SMSes, and Auto Drip Emails

Automate routine communications with our smart tools. Schedule and personalize auto calls, voicemails, SMS, and email campaigns for consistent engagement, even during peak times or out-of-office hours.

Your Office, Supercharged by AI.

Call Transcription / Analytics and Summary

Quick Summary and Detailed Analytics

Our AI Call Analyzer gives you a quick summary of each call and detailed analytics. It helps your team quickly understand call results and track trends over time.

Identifying Potential Issues

AI technology goes beyond collecting data. It spots issues in customer interactions, like finding dissatisfaction or improvement areas, and offers insights to enhance the customer experience.

Voice and Speech Analysis

Use advanced voice analysis to better understand customer interactions. It detects tone, pace, and sentiment nuances for a deeper insight into each conversation.

Integration with Other CRM Features

Integrate call analytics seamlessly with CRM system for valuable insights in client management, including follow-ups, personalized marketing, and sales planning.

Transforming Data into Decisions.


Customized Dashboards

Our Dashboard Suite offers customized dashboards, displaying key data and analytics in a user-friendly format for quick decision-making based on the most relevant information.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Use our advanced reporting tools for tailored, detailed reports, including financial analytics, sales performance, and customer engagement metrics, all aligned with your business goals.

Interactive Data Visualization

Transform complex data into interactive visuals. Our dashboards support graphs, charts, and heat maps, helping you understand trends and communicate insights more easily to stakeholders.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Stay updated with real-time data analysis. Our reporting tools provide timely insights, enabling swift responses to market changes and operational challenges for informed decision-making.

Where Smart Technology Meets Exceptional Service


Fully Flexible Admin Suite

Our Admin Suite is designed for full flexibility to meet your unique business needs. Tailor every aspect to align with your operational strategies and workflows.

Workflow Adjustments on the Go

Effortlessly adjust workflows in real-time. Adapt to changing business requirements or optimize processes for efficiency, all with just a few clicks.

Customizable Client Statuses and Dispositions

Define and customize client statuses and dispositions. This feature allows you to track client interactions more precisely, aligning with your specific business model and customer engagement strategies.

Create and Modify Roles and Permissions Instantly

You can quickly make custom roles and change permissions as needed to improve security and efficiency in managing your team's access.

Grow your business with custom software

Our custom software development process

icon for Ideation

Our solution discovery experts analyze your requirements and estimate the scope of work and timelines. We set up a supervised and cross-functional team involving designers to conduct profound market and user research to align your solution with customers’ real needs.

icon for Development

Our engineers handle every stage of development within the scope required, from architecture development to UI/UX design, transforming your product vision into a custom solution. All stages of custom software development involve thorough testing and quality control.

icon for Deployment

After the final release, we take care of the productivity and performance of custom software development solutions. We establish continuous server monitoring, provide general support services, and allocate experts to fix bugs.

icon for Maintenance

When you need to frequently enhance your solution, we can scale down your existing software development team to a support unit to meet your needs in a timely manner. We focus on delivering updates and responding to user and market feedback.